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Clean Ground Beef


50 lbs

Nutrient Dense, Clean, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ground Beef!
Packaged in vacuum sealed 1 lb packages.

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Starter Package


50 lbs- 18 meals for a family of 4

Just the right amount to keep on hand without overwhelming your freezer space! All the cuts at your finger tips to help you eat delicious and nutritious!

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1/4 Beef


1/4 Beef 100 lbs

A great package to ensure you always have just what you want at your finger tips. Quality meats always in reach! Perfect for a small freezer at a great price!

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Half Cow


Half Beef- 200 lbs

A great way to stock up your freezer and get a bargain price. Grab a friend and go in on it together!

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Full Cow


Half Beef- 400 lbs

The best bargain. Grab your friends and family and nab this great deal together! It is a great feeling to know that your freezer is full of nourishing, clean and DELICIOUS beef!

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