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Mindful Roasts

$240.00 $144.00

3 Grass-Fed Beef Roasts(3-5lbs)

3 Pastured Pork Roasts(3-7lbs)

Or choose your own mix, all beef or all pork. Put your preference in the message when you order.

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Grass-fed Assorted

$297.00 $237.00

This package ensures you will get a variety of cuts to enjoy. Every night is a new adventure, never be bored with dinner again!

Valued at $300

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Getting Healthy On GAPS/Keto/Whole30 $127


Everything you need to nourish yourself to a healthier state! From rich broths to savory stews and soups. It is all here for you at an amazing price!

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Just The Two Of Us


A little of this and a little of that for a perfect meal for 2 every night. Melt in your mouth steaks, savory stew and slow cooked roast, the perfect balance!

Valued at $287

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Clean Ground Beef


25 lbs of Nutrient Dense, Clean, Grass-fed and Grass-finished Ground Beef.

Packaged in vacuum sealed 1 lb packages.

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No Ground


Roast, steaks and more, BUT no ground beef. Enjoy Bar-b-que Beef sandwiches, juicy steaks, savory stews and soups! Shredded beef is fun to work with and makes a nice change! Chuck Roasts are some of the most flavorful and tender meat there is!

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Grill Package


For all your celebrations or quiet nights, grilling is easy and oh so delicious! Cleaning eating never tasted so good! Flavor FULL and tender, the perfect thickness for easy grilling!

Valued at $318

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Pastured Pork


30 lbs of Free Range Heritage Pastured Pork-

This pork has amazing flavor, the fat is flavor filled and the meat is tender and delicious. Pair this with any type of apple dish and you will feel like a king.

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1/8 of Beef


1/8 of Beef- 50 lbs

Just the right amount to keep on hand without overwhelming your freezer space! All the cuts at your finger tips to help you eat delicious and nutritious!

Valued at $475

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1/4 Beef


1/4 Beef- 100 lbs

A great package to ensure you always have just what you want at your finger tips. Quality meats always in reach! Perfect for a small freezer at a great price!

Valued at $950

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Half Beef


Half Beef- 200 lbs

A great way to stock up your freezer and get a bargain price. Grab a friend and go in on it together!

Valued at $1900

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Whole Beef


400 lbs – The best bargain. Grab your friends and family, it is a great feeling to know that your freezer is full of nourishing, clean and DELICIOUS beef!

Valued at $3800

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Soup Bones


25 lbs Knuckle and Marrow Bones

Powerful nutrients packed into a little package. Bone marrow and the connecting tissues around the bone is where it is at. Bone Broth has amazing healing properties and is easy to make.

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Grass-fed Organ Meats


25 lbs- includes liver and heart

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Pork Fat


30 lbs Unrendered Lard

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