Our Ranch

Driving the long, lonely roads of Nevada gives you the impression that it is a completely barren desert. If you’re ever blessed to take an alternate route along the foothills, you will find lush meadows and beautiful ranches.

With minimal rainfall and elevations up to 11,000 feet, those meadows and ranches are a product of the runoff from the snow. Flood irrigation has made the valleys a gold mine of grasses and an ideal location to raise the very best cattle!

For this girl from Southern Nevada, the lush valleys along the Ruby Mountains are the best-kept secret of all time!

Nevada is Much More than a Desert

As a friend and I were driving home from college for Christmas break, I saw a beautifully maintained and ideally situated ranch that made my heart skip a beat.

Having heard that the son of the owner would be attending my school, I prophesied in jest, “I’m going to marry That guy!”

Six months later I was married to Jared and starting on an amazing journey of love and learning that continues to this day.

I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure that I’m really living the dreams I had of working a ranch and raising a family with this wonderful man!


Over 50 Years of Ranching Experience

Jared’s grandfather, Loyd Sorenson, grew up in Southern Utah where he built his herd of sheep by taking care of other people’s sheep for pay. During the Great Depression he used those savings to purchase additional stock in the depressed livestock market. He moved his family to our ranch in the mid 1940’s: “Take good care of the range and livestock and they will take good care of you” ensured that the precious forage resources were abundant even in drought years.

The business grew and expanded. Loyd relied on his son, Von, for his management expertise and excellent work ethic and the two became business partners. Loyd helped Jared to become involved in the operation in the late 1980’s when he transferred to his interest in the sheep enterprise to him.

Loyd did not believe in retirement and rode into his early 90’s. We are blessed by his insistent effort to be outspoken in his beliefs about property rights and freedoms. His legacy lives on now into the 4th generation of Sorensen ranchers.

Nurturing the Land for Healthier Beef


The Sorensen family has continually adjusted our practices as needed to be good stewards and to generate a profit in an ever-changing market.

Jared carries the same principles forward and continues to adjust and improve upon the stewardship he has been given. He puts a high priority on education and implementing holistic management.

Through this learning process he has come to understand the importance of microbiology and the role it plays in the health of the land. The practices he implements are increasing the grass yield and quality, resulting in nutrient-packed, nourishing foods for your family’s enjoyment and benefit.

Let’s take the next step and work together toward a healthier tomorrow.