Our Vision

Our vision begins with our family and radiates out to your family, the environment, and farming/ranching in these beautiful United States.

If we are to continue to thrive as a nation it is paramount to reverse the desertification that is happening world wide.

Many countries have jumped on board, but the USA is spouting that the world will starve if they do not keep their industrial model of GMO, highly sprayed, production agriculture. This model of agriculture has stripped our soils of nutrients and we losing topsoil at a precarious rate. Check out this video to learn more.

We need to do our part, please support those who are supporting your future.


We Want:

  • Nourishing foods that taste amazing!
  • Nutrient-dense meats produced with sustainable practices!
  • An increase of health and wellness in your own family!

Quality Beef from the Ground Up


In our family, we know the value of hard work. When our children reach an age when they can ride a horse, they begin doing a grown man’s job!

We love riding together, it’s absolutely our favorite part of what we do. Raising cattle is definitely hard, but we’re handing down a passion for the things that really matter to us.

Competent and capable ranch hands don’t happen on accident, we live intentionally and teach the importance of doing things well–the future is depending on it!


Using a combination of age-old practices and new technology, we strive to create great products from the ground up. Without living soil–rich with nutrients and the good bacteria that makes it thrive–we won’t have flourishing grasses for our cows.

That chain of health that begins at the soil and ends up with great tasting beef is vital to creating a sustainable environment for many generations to come.

We will never cut corners on soil health to increase profitability in the short term. You can be assured our animals don’t eat pesticide-laden foods or experience cruel practices.

Hard working ranch hands, a thriving environment, nutrient-dense foods–that’s a vision worth striving for!

Let’s take the next step and work together toward a healthier tomorrow.