Ruby Mountain Nourishing Foods


Our family is very excited to introduce our great tasting, beyond organic, grass-fed beef!

Grass-fed all the way to finished ensures that there is no yucky stuff!

That’s right, NO GMOs, NO antibiotics, and NO artificial hormones!

The Sorensen family continues to go to new heights, like not using any killing chemicals, to ensure that you have the highest quality beef on your plate!

Order today to get this amazing beef from our ranch onto your table.

What Is So Great About Our Beef?

Our Vision

The healing of our soils in America is not only to have an out of this world delicious, nutritious product but also to heal the soils and reverse the negative effects of climate change.


The Market

There are many options for you to fill your freezer with nourishing meats. By supporting yourself in great health through eating a high-quality nutritious product, you are supporting your grandchildren’s future to live in a world that is improving instead of declining!

Meet the Family

Jared and Selena Sorensen are the parents of 9 amazing children. They are 3rd generation ranchers and honor the heritage they were blessed with. Their love for God has given them an innate desire to be excellent stewards over His creations.

Quality Beef

Clean and Green, no antibiotics, artificial hormones, and no GMO feeds. We do not spray our fields with any killing chemicals. The microbiology in the soils is how we get nutrient dense meats, why would we kill them?  Instead we utilize practices that proliferate the microbes rather than kills. Nutrient dense soils means nutritious food for you! Eat great and feel great!

The Process

Enjoy the Amazon experience, when you order your beef will be shipped to you or delivered right to your door depending on your location. Your order will arrive frozen, ready for your freezer. It is vacuum sealed in heavy plastic which will keep for at least a year. You will receive thawing tips and recipes to help you enjoy all the great cuts!

The Ranch

The Sorensen family is continually improving their practices. Along with no spraying of chemicals practice, Jared has taken the same equipment and sprayed on compost tea which is brewed on the ranch with a special formula to promote beneficial bacteria. Instead of artificial fertilizers that emit carbon into the air, he uses clay to increase the minerals in the soil which helps the bacteria to do the job and draw the carbon out of the air.

It is an Honor and a Privilege to Live and Work on this Amazing Ranch as 3rd and 4th Generation Ranchers.


Let’s take the next step and work together toward a healthier tomorrow.


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