Grass-Fed Beef Direct from our Ranch

We ensure the highest quality in our meats, which is why our family is very excited to introduce our great tasting, beyond organic, grass-fed beef! 100% Grass-fed all the way to finished ensures clean and healthy meats, NO GMOs, NO antibiotics, and NO artificial hormones! We continue to go to new heights by using sustainable practices to ensure that you have the highest quality beef on your plate! Order from our website today for incredible service and get quality beef from our ranch onto your table.

What Is So Great About Our Beef?

Our Vision

As ranchers, we feel we have the responsibility to continue to pass down our lifestyle to the coming generations and beyond. Healing the soil is paramount to preserving the land for the future. This not only provides for better tasting and more nutritious products, but also makes for more sustainable pastures playing a key role in reversing climate change.


The Market

We would love to have you out to the ranch and pick up your beef but due to our remote location we bring the Market to you. Browse through our products and we will ship your product directly to you. We are excited to be a part of your clean eating journey!

Meet the Family

Jared and Selena Sorensen are the parents of 9 amazing children. They are 3rd generation ranchers and strive to honor the heritage they were blessed with. Their love for God has given them an innate desire to be excellent stewards over His creations.

Quality Beef

Clean and green with no antibiotics, artificial hormones, or GMO feed. Those are the basics but we go above and beyond, nurturing the soils by feeding the good bugs and never spraying killing chemicals. Nutrient-dense soils means nutritious food for you! Eat great and feel great!

The Process

When you order your beef, it will be shipped to you or delivered right to your door. Your order will arrive frozen, ready for your freezer in vacuum-sealed heavy plastic which will keep the meat fresh for at least a year.

The Ranch

The Sorensen family has over 50 years of ranching experience and is continually improving its practices. Because of their long ranching experience and a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining healthy pastures, they have refined their practices to create the healthiest environment possible for their cattle.

It is an Honor and a Privilege to Live and Work on this Amazing Ranch as 3rd and 4th Generation Ranchers.


Let’s take the next step and work together toward a healthier tomorrow.