Meet The Family

At an elevation of 6500 ft., up the hill from a beautiful stand of Quaking Aspen trees, you will find a red-roofed house, the hub of the many activities on our beautiful Nevada ranch. With a family of 11 there is always a lot happening: climbing trees, playing on the swing set/tree house, riding colts, roping, gardening, picking apples, and milking the cow, just to name a few. We love our high desert ranch with its beautiful grass meadows surrounded by the Ruby Mountains. Breathtaking views can be seen from every window. We love exploring the mountains in our backyard, and finding picnic spots along the creeks lined with trees and willows; making bouquets of the sunflowers, purple Lupine, or some of the other many wildflowers we find a long the way.

Why Spring is Our Favorite Time of Year

Our favorite time of the year is spring, seeing new life all around us, especially the new calves with all their antics. We LOVE getting together with family and friends and trying out our roping skills as we do the spring work. Working together is the biggest benefit of the life we live. We especially like it when the work includes all of us riding horses to gather, move, or work cattle. Homeschooling allows us flexibility in our work schedule. The needs of the cattle dictate our schedule rather than the calendar.


We Feel Ranching is an Honor and a Priviledge


It is an honor and a privilege to live and work on this amazing ranch as 3rd and 4th generation ranchers. We thank God everyday for this great life. We are humbled by the stewardships we have been given and we rely on His strength and guidance in raising our family and caring for the land and cattle.

Let’s take the next step and work together toward a healthier tomorrow.