From Our Family Ranch to Your Welcoming Home

Our vision begins with our family and radiates out to yours as we share the blessings of our ranch during this Christmas Season. It is an Honor and a Privilege to be stewards of the environment. As we actively nurture the soils, sequester carbon and increase the nutrient density of our product we further the essential regeneration needed to preserve our world for future generations.

Pre-Order & Gift Giving Deals

Give a Gift of the Highest Quality Grass-Fed Beef for Everyone on Your List

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Our Favorite Holiday Steak Special

This premium box comes with an assortment of our finest cuts and makes for the perfect Holiday gift for your beef loving friends and family. Your gift of delicious steaks, frozen at the pinnacle of freshness, will arrive conveniently to their doorstep. No more wondering if the gift you buy is going to be used or appreciated, the perfect gift that is simple and delicious!

These medium-sized bundles are great for the family or for stocking up on beef for the year.

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Grass-Fed Assorted- 50 lbs
(1/8 Beef)

Wintertime is the perfect storm for illness with less daylight and fresh air. Not to mention the sugar high of the holidays. This package will provide your perfect defense, all the cuts you need to make- beef stews, pots of chili, shredded beef tacos, and savory ground beef dishes.

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Sumptuous Grass-fed Assorted
100lbs (1/4 Beef)

Depending on your family size and how much entertaining you do, this package of nutritious grass-fed beef can last for several months. You can put your mind at ease knowing that you are stocked up and ready for healthy eating well into the
New Year.

When you're committed to providing your family with nutritious beef that is good for them and good for the environment, these large bundles will get you through the whole year.

When ordering these bundles you have the option of customizing the cuts, and if freezer space is limited, delivery can be divided into three shipments. Healthy eating and convenience! It doesn't get better than this!

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Half Cow

200 lbs of perfectly finished roasts, steaks, ground beef and more. Everything you need to have healthy, tasty beef on hand throughout the year.

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Full Cow

400 lbs of delicious, nutritious roasts, steaks, ground beef and more. The most economical way to ensure you have the cuts you want from the healthiest, tastiest beef out there.

Clean, Nutritious, and Delicious Ground Beef. Meet the Needs of Everyone (pun intended;)

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Sustainably raised cattle by mindful stewards ensures your ground beef will be a boon to your health. Knowing that your beef choice is helping heal the earth makes every bite taste even better!