Who are you voting for?

I know many of you use chicken as your main source of protein. I do not have anything against chicken in and of its self, in fact, I have raised and slaughtered my own chickens before. It is not my favorite chore but I did it. I will tell you why. Chicken in the store comes from birds that are mass raised in confinement areas. These birds are so fragile that anyone going near the facility has to be sanitized and wear a special suit and booties.

The chickens are fragile because they do not have access to sunlight, fresh air, fresh water and a natural diet. They are fed a high concentrated diet designed to put weight on as fast as possible. To keep them from getting sick from their unnatural confined environment and fabricated diet, they pump them full of antibiotics and other medicines just to get them through, put on the weight, and then off to be processed. The processing is another story of making more weight and trying to avoid disease. This equals added water and preservatives in your already nutrient compromised chicken. I am sorry to paint the ugly truth but I believe you have the right to know what you are eating.

It is possible to find naturally raised, free-range chickens that are not pumped full of yuck though it is challenging. I would like to offer you an alternative. Why not consider replacing some of that protein with nutrient dense grass-fed beef? Price? The concentrated diet that is fed to chickens and cattle in the feedlot is usually mainly a mixture of grains, grain farmers receive subsidies because they cannot survive under the industrial model of agriculture without them. The majority of these grains are GMO. GMO foods are showing up as a cause of autism as well as many other maladies. The waste from the animals on these concentrated diets is toxic and is polluting our waters. Under proper circumstances the waste from cattle and chickens is not waste at all but a very essential element to rejuvenating and fertilizing the land.

It is easy to look at one facet and say, “This is cheaper. I can’t afford more.” I offer another perspective, you are paying for it one way or another. You are paying for it with your health and your taxes. You are paying for it with the freedom from bondage of your grandchildren. How? Our current state of affairs in this country is not sustainable. It will not be long before we are required to pay our debts in one way or another. We need to make a drastic change in the way our food is produced. Every time you eat you are “voting with your fork.” Will you vote for freedom and health, or sickness and bondage?]]>

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