Happily Ever After?

Would it ever happen? Would I be able to meet, fall in love with, and marry someone who had my beliefs and shared my love of ranching? It didn’t seem likely, in fact, it seemed impossible! I knew a lot of cowboys, buckaroos, ranchers, rodeo cowboys and none of them so far had much of a belief in anything, let a lone my same faith. I decided to put God 1st in my life and marry someone who shared my beliefs knowing that I would most likely be giving up the lifestyle that I loved so well.

Off I went to college to start on my path. I decided to major in Agriculture Education so I could still have Ag in my life even if I ended up in a city. Towards the end of the 1st semester I began to hear about this guy that was coming up to school the next semester. He was a rancher, shared my faith, eligible bachelor and he was actually my friend’s cousin. I didn’t think too much about it but on my drive home, for Christmas break, my friend and I decided to drive by the ranch where he lived, as it was not too far out of our way. We drove by a beautifully situated ranch, well kept, and in one of the prettiest places in Nevada. We knew which place was his because of the sign out front. I jokingly told my friend as we drove by that I was going to marry this guy.

I didn’t think too much more about it and during Christmas break my grandpa passed away. I was late getting back to school because of it and meeting this eligible bachelor was the last thing on my mind. Guess who showed up on my doorstep? Yep, the eligible bachelor, it wasn’t love at first sight and there were a few hiccups but, on July 17th 1996, we were married. My ultimate dream had come true! I had married someone who strongly shared my faith and my love of ranching.

“Happily Ever After” right? That is all we ever hear in the princess stories, so why was my world crashing around me? Why was I feeling like my husband was a bad person one minute and then feeling like I was a horrible person the next and the world would be better off without me? I would feel this way and then things would level out and get good again and then crash again. Kids came into the mix and added more levels of bliss and deeper levels of feeling I am not good enough and I am messing up their lives. A vicious cycle that went on and on.

After a 6 year journey of depression, learning, getting help, and trial and error I began to realize how important what I was putting in my mouth was. It became apparent that what I ate affected everything else that was happening to me, physically, mentally, and emotionally, even spiritually. I have been on this journey for 14 years and I have been able to feel that “Happily Ever After” more and more consistently. Does that mean I do not have sad times? No, I feel sad but I do not feel worthless. I am able to manage my emotions without numbing medications. I feel a wide range of emotions as well as true bliss more and more.

I am so grateful for what I have learned and I want others to have the blessing of health that I have. We are committed to raising nourishing, nutrient dense meat to help you on your journey of health and healing. We want to be a part of your “Happily Ever After.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>

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