Quality Over Quantity

Would you like to know why your tomatoes are dry and your strawberries sour? Modern day agriculture has tried to industrialize nature and are focusing on maximum production. Unfortunately the focus on quantity and appearance has given us good-looking foods without the nutrition. They have been very successful in making foods bigger and more eye appealing. This guise has covered up the loss of nutritional quality for so long that we have forgotten what foods are supposed to taste like. Thanks to new technology in testing we can now see what the real story is.

In the Green Revolution, an enlightening book by Walt Davis and Tony Winslett, the devastation of this “progressiveness” is illuminated. “With the organic matter gone, soils lose tilth (the physical structure that allows them to take in both water and air). They also lose the ability to store large amounts of water and perhaps most important of all, they lose all soil life. It is soil life that is responsible for breaking down rock into plant available minerals.”

Producers kill everything in the soils, with pesticides and insecticides. They add back the chemicals and fertilizers that will give them high yields. This process is costly but, in order to “chase the carrot,” the producers have paid it thinking they would get a high return. Their production increases but the money has not followed, resulting in government bail-outs and subsidies. However the process took hold so quickly and the art of farming naturally was forgotten so thoroughly that the modern day farmer does not think it is possible to do anything else and get the yields they think they need.

Beef producers are being caught in this trap as well. Most ranchers are turning out a great product in their calves. However these calves are then sold to others who put them in feedlots where they are fed a concentrated diet that is focused on gains, using foods that are high in calories and lacking in nutrients. When animals are fed food that is grown on empty soils the integrity of the meat is extremely compromised. Not to mention the damaging effects of a corn rich diet.


The natural movement is challenging these paradigms and many holistic farmers and beef producers are seeing amazing results in the quality of their product. Customers are clamoring to get these flavorful, nutrient-dense foods. Nothing short of a revolution back to the holistic farming will do. Modern agriculture needs to reestablish the health of the soil, create a nutrient dense product for the consumer, and recognize the important role that proper nutrition plays in the health of the people.

Our nation was founded on free trade, disrupting this system with safety nets puts our whole economy in jeopardy. This economic fraud is not sustainable and eating foods lacking in nutrients is taking its toll. Holistic health care is blessing many lives, nourishing foods is an important part of our efforts to heal and maintain good health.

Catch our vision. Join our efforts. Support holistically minded, family owned farms and ranches. Educate yourselves about your food and see if it is grown to maximize nutrition or profit.

Why am I telling you this? We care about you. We care about the health of the American people as well as the health of the land. Education equals change. Informed choices are empowering. By supporting farmers and ranchers that are using sustainable practices you can make a difference in your family’s health as well as the health of the land and the environment. With your help we can make the future healthier, brighter, and happier.

Our dream is for Americans to be free of heart disease, cancer, autism, depression, autoimmune disease and the list goes on.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>

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