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Quality Over Quantity

When was the last time you had a sweet, flavorful carrot or a mouth watering peach? Foods should be robust in flavor, this is an indicator of their nutrient level. The nutrition and sugars in our foods is being replaced by starch.

Depression and Microbes

Depression is the real silent killer. It was a big part of my life. I didn’t realize what it was that affected me in so many ways until I got married. Newlyweds–it is supposed to be bliss and fun. Why did I feel like this person had turned into my enemy and was causing me…

Who We Are

At an elevation of 6500 ft., up the hill from a beautiful stand of Quaking Aspen trees, you will find a red-roofed house, the hub of the many activities on our beautiful Nevada ranch. With a family of 10 there is always a lot happening: climbing trees, playing on the swing set/tree house, riding colts, roping, gardening, picking apples, and milking the cow, just to name a few.

What is your Beef?

What are the reasons for buying organic, grass-fed beef? What really matters to me? That our food is safe as well as nourishing and healing. My money supports sustainable practices and people who are good stewards. Producers who value and create quality and nourishing products. What are the health benefits of grass-fed beef? For starters,…

Who are you voting for?

What about Chicken? I know many of you use chicken as your main source of protein. I do not have anything against chicken in and of its self, in fact, I have raised and slaughtered my own chickens before. It is not my favorite chore, but I did it. I will tell you why. Chicken…