What is your Beef?

“Is there really a difference between eggs fresh from the farm and what I can buy in the store?” I was shocked that she didn’t know about the difference by the taste alone. This made me wonder if people were unaware of what they are missing when they choose beef you normally find in the store instead of superior grass-fed beef. What are the reasons for buying organic, grass-fed beef? roast

What really matters to me?

  • That our food is safe as well as nourishing and healing.
  • My money supports sustainable practices and people who are good stewards.

Producers who value and create quality and nourishing products.

What are the health benefits of grass-fed beef? For starters, the animals have not been given antibiotics or hormones. Grass-fed means no GMO corn or other GMO grains. The animals have room to graze and are not confined to unhygienic feedlots. There are a lot of studies that show the results of these detrimental practices.

One of the most distinguishing benefits of grass-fed beef is that it is higher in omega 3, an essential fatty acid that helps with many things including heart disease, the highest killer in the US today. Not only do we need more omega 3 but it needs to be consumed in the right ratio with omega 6, preferably three omega 3’s to one omega 6. The beef you buy in the store not only has that ratio switched but the omega 6 is usually six times more than omega 3. This makes it impossible for us to get the benefits we need from the omega 3s.

Another benefit from grass-fed beef is higher amounts of CLA, which is fat that doesn’t make you fat but is great at fighting off cancer cells. Studies also show an increase in key nutrients and a decrease in saturated fats.

Without a doubt grass-fed beef is going to give me the things I want—it is not harmful and it provides nutrients that are essential for optimal health. In addition to these health benefits, grass-fed beef producers are usually family-owned businesses. Many own the land they are farming and must be good stewards of the land in order to stay in business. The government does not pay subsidies to organic producers.

Believe it or not, many mainstream beef producers say they cannot afford to eat their own beef! In order to meet their obligations at the bank they sell all that they can and buy chicken and beef from the store. In the past year, two beef producers who are close to us have been told they can no longer eat red meat because of their heart issues. In that vein(no pun intended) most grass-fed beef producers wouldn’t dream of eating anything but their own beef because they value their health. In order to stay healthy and continue to provide for their families, while creating a great product for others, they know they can’t afford NOT to eat their own beef.

On our family ranch we are striving to create a product that has all these benefits and more. We are taking the steps necessary to improve the health of our soils, the health of the plants from those soils, the health of the animals who graze on those plants, and the health of the people eating the animals. We are striving for a product that is not only better for you but is also a nutrient powerhouse. We love our beef and we care about our health, your health, and our future on this wonderful earth God has given us to be stewards over. We take the calling of stewardship very seriously in all that we do.

Order your beef today and you’ll be on your way to healing yourself and doing your part to heal our American lands.

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