Ruby Mountain Nourishing Foods

Just The Two Of Us


A little of this and a little of that for a perfect meal for 2 every night. Melt in your mouth steaks, savory stew and slow cooked roast, the perfect balance!

Valued at $287


  • 4 Rib Eye Steaks
    2 T-bone Steaks
    2 Fillets
    1 Sirloin Tip Roast
    2 lb Stew Meat
    1 lb Soup bones
    10 lbs Ground Beef


  • Nurtured soils increases the vitamins and minerals, bringing you nutrient dense, clean, nutritious meat.
  • NO Antibiotics or hormones
  • Raised on unsprayed pastures and non GMO hay.
  • Our beef is grass-fed all the way to finished and we bring them all the way to a finished point so your meat is full of flavor from healthy fats, which also makes it tender and juicy!
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  • You can decide when you want it shipped, if you are out of our delivery area.
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