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2 Months Of Grass-fed Beef

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Grass-fed Beef Supply For 2 Months

Sunday Roasts, Friday Night Steaks, Taco Tuesdays, and MORE

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✅ Regenerative Practices.
✅ Grass Fed & Finished.
✅ Pasture Raised.
✅ Beyond Organic.
✅ Non-GMO.

❌ Chemicals.
❌ Glyphosate.
❌ Antibiotics.
❌ Hormones.
❌ Grains.
❌ Feedlots.


Here Is What You Receive!!

  • 12 packages of steaks- filets/t-bones/rib-steak/
  • 20 lbs of Ground Beef in 1 lb packages
  • 6 Sunday Roasts
  • 32 Grass-fed Beef Recipe and Meal Plan Ebook


Peace of mind knowing what your beef is and what it is not!

  • Nurtured soils increase the vitamins and minerals, bringing you clean, nourishing meat.
  • NO Antibiotics, NO hormones
  • Raised on unsprayed pastures and non-GMO hay
  • Never kept in a confined environment
  • Access to fresh water and pasture just as nature intended
  • Our beef is grass-fed all the way to finished so your meat is full of flavor from healthy fats, making it tender and juicy!

Why Ruby Mountain

Grass-Fed Beef Direct from our Ranch

We ensure the highest quality in our meats, which is why our family is very excited to introduce our great tasting, beyond organic, grass-fed beef! 100% Grass-fed all the way to finished ensures clean and healthy meats, NO GMOs, NO antibiotics, and NO artificial hormones! We continue to go to new heights by using sustainable practices to ensure that you have the highest quality beef on your plate! Order from our website today for incredible service and get quality beef from our ranch onto your table.



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Ruby Mountain Foods Beef is committed to Ethical, Sustainable, and Regenerative Farming.

Cooking Instructions

Rommy Rhoads
Rommy Rhoads

A couple of year ago I decided to stop eaten meat!... then I can hear my body asking for it, but every time that I tried meat I felt awful again.. so last year I tried Ruby Mountain meat and was delicious!.. I love to know they treat their animals with respect and kindness.. and their land is so rich of nutrients, so their animals grow healthy and happy .. I believe that make a big difference in comparison to the meat industry.. Thank you for your efforts, your love and dedication.. Excellent meat.

3 years ago
K Shane R
K Shane R

Excellent service from Ruby Mountain! Their steaks were excellent :) We shared a bunch of our meals, that used their beef, with our friends and each time our friends came back and told us how good it was!

5 years ago
Tammy W
Tammy W

Best meat I have ever tasted. We are now lifelong customers!!

5 years ago

What Is So Great About Our beef?

We go the extra mile to ensure the beef you receive is amazing as well as nourishing. Beef should be tender and flavorful without having to doctor it up with marinades, sauces, or tons of spices. Our beef, combined with our cooking tips, is about to become your new favorite meat!


We carefully decide which animals to butcher, picking animals that are tender and have good marbling.


Overseeing each step of the butchering process to ensure the quality of the beef in the field makes it to your plate.


Stress-free livestock handling. Animals that are handled correctlyare healthier and eat better. This equals tenderness. When animals do not gain at least a pound a day you lose some tenderness in the meat.


Nutrient dense beef. By feeding the microbes in the soil we provide our animals with a smorgasbord of nourishing grass, providing high quantities of a wide range of nutrients.

Healthy eating is a priority for us, from 100% whole wheat sourdough to making our own ice cream, we go to great lengths to eat nourishing foods that taste amazing! The same goes for our beef; we are continually learning how to increase the quality of the land and the animals.

Get yours ordered now!


Here Are Some More of the Great Qualities of Grass-fed Beef


GMO free because their diet is grass and some hay. No grains at all.


Ideal ratios of omegas to ensure proper absorption of those brain building cells.


Ideal environments for happy cows. Which of course equals healthy cows.

No antibiotics or hormones.

Lower in saturated fats than grain-fed beef.


High levels of CLA a cancer fighting fat that doesn’t make you fat.

Get Grass-Fed Beef today, your brain will thank you!


How do we get our great beef to your plate? Our beef starts out as cute little calves either on our ranch or affiliate ranches that follow our protocol for health and breeding. They stay on their moms till they are 6-7 months old. They are then moved to pastures on their own and supplemented with hay as needed throughout the winter. When the grass comes again in the spring they are moved frequently to fresh pasture throughout the growing season. Depending on their size and rate of growth some will be ready to be harvested that fall. Others will be run to the middle of the following year.

We determine when the animal is ready to be harvested by the signs we see externally of a finished animal. Each animal is harvested separately in a gentle, careful way. We go to great lengths to ensure the animals are not scared or stressed at this time. The beef is then dry-aged in a USDA inspected facility. After sufficient time the meat is cut into the delicious steaks and roasts you love. Each cut is carefully carved and then packaged in vacuum sealed heavy plastic. All the beef is then frozen and held in freezers until delivery time.

Your beef will either be delivered to you at a preset location in a refrigerated truck or shipped to you, depending on your location and preference.