We love good food, especially exceptional beef, and delicious ice cream. Whatever the occasion—working cows, birthdays, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner EVERY day—the question is always, “What are we going to eat?” With eight kids, spread across 16 years, it takes a pile of food to feed them. Fortunately, we raise great beef. You would think we would get tired of eating mainly beef but we never do. Our beef is so flavorful and satisfying that even eating out isn’t much of a treat. At least one of the kids will say, “This isn’t as good as yours, Mom!” And believe me, I am not that good of a cook. It’s all in the beef!

We go the extra mile to ensure the beef you receive is amazing as well as nourishing. Beef should be tender and flavorful without having to doctor it up with marinades, sauces, or tons of spices. Our beef, combined with our cooking tips, is about to become your new favorite meat!

What Is So Great About Our beef?

We carefully decide which animals to butcher, picking animals that are tender and have good marbling.
Nutrient dense beef. By feeding the microbes in the soil we provide our animals with a smorgasbord of nourishing grass, providing high quantities of a wide range of nutrients.
Stress-free livestock handling. Animals that are handled correctly are healthier and eat better. This equals tenderness. When animals do not gain at least a pound a day you lose some tenderness in the meat.
Overseeing each step of the butchering process to ensure the quality of the beef in the field makes it to your plate.

Healthy eating is a priority for us, from 100% whole wheat sourdough to making our own ice cream, we go to great lengths to eat nourishing foods that taste amazing! The same goes for our beef; we are continually learning how to increase the quality of the land and the animals.
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Here Are Some More of the Great Qualities of Grass-fed Beef

GMO free because their diet is grass and some hay. No grains at all.
Ideal ratios of omegas to ensure proper absorption of those brain building cells.
Ideal environments for happy cows. Which of course equals healthy cows.
No antibiotics or hormones.
Lower in saturated fats than grain-fed beef.
High levels of CLA a cancer fighting fat that doesn’t make you fat.
Get Grass-Fed Beef today, your brain will thank you!

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