An American Legacy Worth Preserving

Spring time equals heaven! All of us get outside on our horses and those who are old enough to ride by themselves do a grown man’s job! Riding together is our favorite part of what we do. Horses and cows have always been a part of my life and I love sharing that passion with my kids.
I could say that we are lucky that all the kids like to ride horses and work cows and it would be partly true. We have also been very intentional in our efforts to make ranch work enjoyable. Most of it really can be, if done right.
Our vision may be idealistic but it is possible!

We Want the American People to:

  • Have nourishing foods that taste amazing! Foods that are nutrient dense enough to heal.
  • Appealing work environments for the younger generation.
  • Farms and ranches that are safe, sustainable, and profitable places to raise families.

Quality Beef from the Ground Up

The current production of food is based on just that, production or pounds. That is what we get paid for, how many lbs. In the effort to make everything bigger and weigh more we have lost the quality of our foods. We need to switch our focus back to quality.
Focusing on feeding the microbes in the soils will help us make this switch. As it is the fertilizers, insecticides, and weed killers are killing the microbes in the soil, leaving behind dirt.
Soil should be a living, breathing, beneficial microbe producing colony mixed with organic matter that is continually feeding that colony.

Conventional American Agriculture has reduced our soils to dirt in many places and the only reason anything can be grown is from the additives that are put back on the land. These additives are designed to produce pounds not quality. Check out our science page if you want to learn more about the revolution that needs to happen.

Our dream is for Americans to be free of heart disease, cancer, autism, depression, autoimmune disease and the list goes on.
We think this dream is very possible if we will focus on nourishing our bodies and turning them into defense power-houses.

Let’s take the next step and work together toward a healthier tomorrow Get Started