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Ruby Mountain

Who We Are

By | Grass Fed Beef | 6 Comments

At an elevation of 6500 ft., up the hill from a beautiful stand of Quaking Aspen trees, you will find a red-roofed house, the hub of the many activities on our beautiful Nevada ranch. With a family of 10 there is always a lot happening: climbing trees, playing on the swing set/tree house, riding colts, roping, gardening, picking apples, and milking the cow, just to name a few. We love our high desert ranch with its beautiful grass meadows surrounded by the Ruby Mountains. Breathtaking views can be seen from every window. We love exploring the mountains in our backyard, and finding picnic spots along the creeks lined with trees and willows; making bouquets of the sunflowers, purple Lupine, or some of the other many wildflowers we find a long the way.

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What is your Beef?

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Recently a woman asked, “Is there really a difference between eggs fresh from the farm and what I can buy in the store?” I was shocked that she didn’t know about the difference by the taste alone. This made me wonder if people were unaware of what they are missing when they choose beef you normally find in the store instead of superior grass-fed beef. What are the reasons for buying organic, grass-fed beef?

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