Our family is very excited to introduce our great tasting grass-fed beef. We eat our beef everyday and love it. We want you to have the same experience. Order today to get this amazing beef from our ranch onto your table.

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What Is So Great About Our Beef?

Quality Beef

Beef that is flavorful, tender, and makes you feel good is unbeatable.


Meet the Family

It is an honor and a privilege to live and work on this amazing ranch as 3rd and 4th generation ranchers. We thank God everyday for this great life.


The Ranch

The lush valleys along the Ruby Mountains are the best-kept secret of all time. Flood irrigation has made the valleys a goldmine of grass.


The Process

Your beef will either be delivered to you at a preset location in a refrigerated truck or shipped to you, depending on your location and preference.


Our Vision

In the effort to make everything bigger and weigh more we have lost the quality of our foods. We need to switch our focus back to quality.


The Market

Jump at this opportunity to fill your plates with yummy, good for you, grass-fed beef. Ordering is simple.


It is an Honor and a Privilege to Live and Work on this Amazing Ranch as 3rd and 4th Generation Ranchers.

How Does Our Beef Measure Up When it Comes to Cost?

Costco Beef

$ 6.01

per lb

  • $565 – 94 lbs
  • $1,130- 188 lbs
  • $2,260- 376 lbs

ruby mountain Grass-Fed BeefMost Popular

$ 8.50

per lb

  • $886- 94 lbs
  • $1598- 188 lbs
  • $3197- 376 lbs

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Costco Organic Grass-Fed Beef

$ 13.57

per lb

  • $1225.26- 94 lbs
  • $2550- 188 lbs
  • $5101.04- 376 lbs

How does our Beef measure up when it comes to cost? Check out these comparisons of prices I recently researched. The prices were determined by adding up what you would pay for the same cuts and amounts that are offered in our packages. 94 pounds is the equivalent of ¼ of a beef, 188 is a half, and 376 pounds is about what you would receive in a whole. The total pounds are of course approximate, each animal weighs a little different and the finished cuts reflect that difference.

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